North Ronaldsay Wool Rovings



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  • 100% wool
  • Non repeatable, spur of the moment colourway
  • 25g ball

Also, these slim pencil style rovings have a soft handle, though some kempy fibres remain after de-hairing.


Where Are The Rovings Made?

These rovings are produced at the small mill on the island of North Ronaldsay

They are processed from fleeces grown by the rare, native, seaweed eating sheep that graze on the shore.


What Can I Use Them For?

Many things! These unique fibres are great for felting and textile creations such as bowls, jewellery and accessories.¬† I’ve also tried knitting with them!

Take a look at the Customer North Ronaldsay Creations Gallery  for further inspiration.

If you have any further questions please ask.



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