Natural North Ronaldsay Rovings


100g pack

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  • 100% wool north ronaldsay rovings
  • Selection of 5 x 2og of  the natural fleece shades or combinations
  • includes dark brown, white, grey, white/dark brown marl and white/beige marl

These slim pencil style rovings have a soft handle though some kempy fibres remain after de-hairing.


Where Are The Rovings Made?

The rovings are produced at the small mill on the island of North Ronaldsay.

They are processed from fleeces grown by the rare, native, seaweed eating sheep that graze on the shore.


What Can I Use Them For?

The North Ronaldsay breed provides a range of natural fleece colours from browns, through to greys and white. This pack is my own personal pick,  selected to give a taster, of the variety of colours available.

Great for spinning or felting or for anyone who’d like to have a go at dyeing this unique fibre themselves.

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