Meet The Little Orkney Dye Shed team

Hello and welcome to the start of a New Year, blog and new look website of The Little Orkney Dye Shed.  Or, as the chaps in my household simply call it, T.LO.D.S for short!

Before meeting the team here’s a small glimpse into where all the dyeing is done.

009door-n-bench2     017dsd

At the bottom of our garden is my part of a converted shed, behind the stripy door. This is where I’m lucky enough to have the time and space to splosh and splatter colour over lots of lovely hanks and fluffy fibres.





For the more daunting  and least interesting tasks of running a business I rely on my trusty T.L.O.D.S team of husband and family. So here’s a lighthearted look at the general roles we all play to help keep everything running smoothly, plus everyones’ favourite colour!

Rob – Mr TLODS

  • All round business manager with organisational super powers
  • Handyman
  • Occasional woolwinder
  • Fave colour: orange

Master TLODS, the Elder

  • My go to chap for website development
  • Magical IT abilities
  • Retired woolwinder
  • Fave colour: orange

Master TLODS, the Younger

  • Video operative
  • Social Media consultant
  • Apprentice woolwinder in waiting tho’ he doesn’t know it yet.
  • Fave colour:Red

  Nana TLODS

  • Prototype tester
  • Voice of wisdom and font of knowledge on all things crafty
  • Never done woolwinding and never will do!
  • Fave colour: Turquoise

Last but not least there’s me, easily spotted in standard uniform of rubber gloves and apron (the one shown below kindly made by my Mum)!


Pam – Mrs TLODS

  • Principal dyer
  • Photographer
  • Chief and currently the only woolwinder
  • Fave colour: Teal

By now you may have realised that winding wool is not one of my favourite jobs. So, to end, here’s a very short clip of an essential  piece of equipment, ‘Wally’ my motorised woolwinder, who in his non-human way is part of the team and helps keep me sane!

Until next time….